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BEA Tuxedo Release 7.1

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Explains how to set up your BEA Tuxedo system.

Run-time Administration

Explains how to administer your BEA Tuxedo system at run time.


Explains the Domains component.


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Security Administration

/Q Administration



 Setting Up a BEA Tuxedo Application

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Administrative Tasks and Tools

About the Configuration File

Creating the Configuration File

About Transactions

Configuring Your Application to Use Transactions

Distributing Applications Across a Network

Creating the Configuration File for a Distributed Application

Setting Up the Network for a Distributed Application

About Workstation Clients

Setting Up Workstation Clients  


 Administering a BEA Tuxedo Application at Run Time

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Starting Up and Shutting Down an Application

Monitoring Your BEA Tuxedo Application

Dynamically Modifying an Application

Managing the Network in a Distributed Application

About the EventBroker

Subscribing to Events

Migrating Your Application

Tuning Your Application

Troubleshooting a BEA Tuxedo Application  


 Using the BEA Tuxedo Domains Component

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About Domains

Planning and Configuring Domains

Administering Domains