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BEA Tuxedo Release 7.1

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 New Features

BEA Tuxedo System Release 7.1 includes the following new features:

Security for E-commerce

Multithreading and Multicontexting

EFML Support

XML Buffer Support

Jolt Component

IPC Tool

TOP END Domain Gateway


Security for E-commerce

Support for Security Systems Provided by Third-party Vendors

With the availability of the plug-in architecture, BEA Tuxedo customers who want to customize authentication, authorization, auditing, or public key security can contact a third-party security vendor to procure the appropriate plug-ins (code modules). Alternatively, customers can use the BEA Tuxedo default plug-ins provided for each of these security capabilities.

Message-based Digital Signature

Message-based digital signatures enhance BEA Tuxedo security by allowing a message originator to prove its identity, and binding that proof to a specific message buffer. The scope of protection is end-to-end: a message buffer is protected from the time it leaves the originating process until the time it is received by the destination process.

Message-based Encryption

Message-based encryption keeps data private, which is essential for most applications that transport data over the Internet. The scope of protection is end-to-end: a message buffer is protected from the time it leaves the originating process until the time it is received by the destination process.


Multithreading and Multicontexting

In this release, the BEA Tuxedo system provides new ATMI functions that enable programmers to write multithreaded and/or multicontexted clients and servers. In a multithreaded application, a single client can initiate multiple, concurrent (parallel) calls. In a multicontexted application, a client can establish multiple associations with multiple domains. On the server side, multithreading provides the ability to process multiple service requests simultaneously within one server process.


Embedded FML (EFML) Support

This release provides the ability to embed FML records within other FML records. By using this functionality, you can manage a single EFML buffer as a single structure rather than a series of discrete data fields.


XML Buffer Support

XML buffers enable BEA Tuxedo applications to use XML for exchanging data within and between applications. BEA Tuxedo applications can send and receive simple XML buffers, and route those buffers to the appropriate servers. All logic for dealing with XML documents, including parsing, resides in the application.


IPC Tool

The IPC tool allows system administrators to determine and clean up the IPC resources used by the BEA Tuxedo system after an unexpected shutdown.


TOP END Domain Gateway

The BEA Tuxedo Domains concept has been expanded in this release to include BEA TOP END interoperability. The TOP END Domain Gateway provides message passing, queue processing, transactional support, and security between BEA TOP END and BEA Tuxedo systems.




BEA Tuxedo System Release 7.1 also includes the following enhancements to existing features:

/Q enhancements:

  • In-memory queuing

  • Expiration time on tpenqueue

  • Determining queue order by expiration time

  • Enqueuing with a birth time without sorting the queue on birth time

  • Peek on tpdequeue

  • Domains MIB

    Provides programmatic and dynamic administration of the Domains configuration.

    56-bit Encryption

    Provides complete implementation of 56-bit encryption.

    Windows NT

    Supports simultaneous execution of multiple versions of the BEA Tuxedo system on a single NT machine.

    Jolt and Web-based Administration Console

    Bundles BEA Jolt and the Web-based Administration Console with the BEA Tuxedo software.