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BEA Tuxedo Product Support and Resources

The following sections describe the documentation and customer-support resources available to BEA Tuxedo customers:


About the BEA Tuxedo Documentation

The BEA Tuxedo documentation is designed to provide you, the customer, with information at various levels about the BEA Tuxedo system. You may want to read all of the documentation or choose only those topics that will provide information for your immediate requirements.

The BEA Tuxedo documentation consists of the following components:

BEA Tuxedo Online Documentation

The online documentation is on the “e-docs” Product Documentation page at

For a listing of the individual documents that are included in the online documentation, access the e-docs Product Documentation page, click “BEA Tuxedo 10.0” to display the BEA Tuxedo Online Documentation Home page, and then click “Site Map.”

BEA Tuxedo Context-Sensitive Help

The BEA Tuxedo software includes a set of GUI-based tools designed to help you build and administer your BEA Tuxedo client and server applications. The following table lists the context-sensitive help components provided with each BEA Tuxedo software GUI.

Table 5-1 BEA Tuxedo Context-Sensitive Online Help
Help Component
BEA Tuxedo Administration Console Online Help
Provides help topics that describe how to use the BEA Tuxedo Administration Console to remotely administer the BEA Tuxedo system from a Web browser.


Using the BEA Tuxedo Online Documentation

The BEA Tuxedo online documentation contains a comprehensive set of documents about the BEA Tuxedo system. This information is designed to help you:

The online documentation provides easy-to-access information in HTML format for viewing in your favorite Web browser.

Note: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later is recommended.

To view the online documentation, you need a Web browser that supports HTML 3.0 features, including tables and frames.

Accessing the Documentation in a Browser

To begin viewing the Online Documentation Home page, access BEA Tuxedo on the e-docs Product Documentation page. From this page you can:

Each major topic area is displayed with its own table of contents so that you can see at-a-glance what each document contains.

Once you access the online documentation, you can quickly browse through all of the available information.

Select a topic in the table of contents or click “BEA Tuxedo Documentation” to return to the Home page.

The online documentation offers many options to access the documentation for the BEA Tuxedo system. The best way to use the documentation is to bring up the Home page in your browser and start exploring.

If you want a list of other resources and manuals that might be useful in understanding and working with the BEA Tuxedo system, click Site Map on the Home page, and then click Bibliography on the Site Map page.

Site Map

The site map page lists all the documents in the online information set. The documents are grouped by categories such as Installation, Getting Started, Administration, and Programming.

To open a document, click the document name.

PDF Document Files

The PDF Files page lists all the documents that are available in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. The documents are group by categories such as Installation, Getting Started, Administration, and Programming.

To open a PDF file, click the document name. Once the PDF is displayed you also have the option of printing it.

Using the Online Search Feature

The BEA Tuxedo online documentation includes a Java search applet, a platform-independent search tool, to assist in locating topics in the BEA Tuxedo online documentation. The search applet enables you to search for one or more keywords and returns a list of target HTML pages.

When using the search applet, keep these rules in mind:

To perform a search, follow these steps:

  1. Click Search in the top navbar. The Search window appears.
  2. In the Search field, select the desired search category. If you accept the default, “All Topics,” as the search category, all documents in the online documentation will be searched. Other search categories limit the search to a specific set of documents, such as ATMI or CORBA documents. To see the search category choices, click the Search field drop-down button.
  3. Enter the keyword in the Query field and click Find or press Enter on your keypad. The search results appear.
  4. If no matches are found, reword your query and try again. If matches are listed, double-click a matched entry; or, highlight the entry and click Show.
  5. When the destination page appears, you can enter Ctrl+F to use the browser Find function to locate the keyword on the page.

Learning Paths

To help you find the information you need, the following table lists user tasks and the documentation appropriate to each.

Table 5-2 Learning Paths 
If You Want to . . .
You Need . . .
On the BEA Tuxedo Home Page, Click . . .
Evaluate the product
A high-level overview of the BEA Tuxedo system.
  • Product Overview
  • Interoperability
  • ATMI Introduction
  • Getting Started with CORBA Applications
Install the software
Step-by-step procedures for installing and configuring each of the BEA Tuxedo system components.
  • Installation
  • Upgrade Information
  • Migration Information
Design or architect a system
To know (1) BEA Tuxedo system capabilities, (2) the benefits these capabilities give you, (3) how to incorporate the benefits of the BEA Tuxedo system into your design, and (4) how to integrate applications in an BEA Tuxedo environment.
  • Interoperability
  • ATMI Introduction
  • ATMI and CORBA Programming
  • System Administration
  • Reference
  • ATMI Tutorials
  • Messages
Write client or server applications
To know how to write, build, configure, and run applications.
The same topics as for design or architect.
Administer the system
To know how to configure, monitor, tune, migrate, and manage the BEA Tuxedo system.
  • System Administration
  • Migration Information
  • Interoperability
Learn about using BEA Jolt with the BEA Tuxedo system and BEA WebLogic Server
To know (1) how to configure and integrate BEA Jolt with BEA Tuxedo applications so that Tuxedo services are available to customers on the Internet and (2) how to use, configure, and integrate BEA Jolt to work with the BEA Tuxedo system and BEA WebLogic Server.
  • Jolt Documentation
Learn about using BEA SNMP Agent with the BEA Tuxedo system
To know how to configure BEA SNMP Agent to manage BEA Tuxedo applications.
  • Site Map to BEA SNMP Agent


BEA dev2dev Online

BEA dev2dev Online is a support Web site for BEA customers. It contains unsupported code examples and tools which may assist you in developing applications for BEA software.

Accessing Unsupported Code Examples

To access the unsupported code examples, follow these steps:

  1. In your Web browser, enter to display the BEA corporate Web page.
  2. Under Resources select Developer. The dev2dev Online site ( displays providing access to a variety of code samples and relevant technical information for the BEA developer.
  3. Click Log in and enter your username and password. If you do not have a password, click “Become a Member” and complete the registration information so as receive a username and password.


BEA Consulting Services

BEA provides a suite of consulting services that will enable you to quickly transform your business into an e-business. BEA consultants have the deep product knowledge and experience to design, develop, and implement solutions right the first time. And we provide full knowledge transfer to your team throughout your projects so your internal developers will become proficient faster.

BEA consulting solutions are designed to help you at any stage of your process, from gathering business requirements, to legacy and packaged application integration, to application development. BEA packaged consulting solutions can provide you with predefined consulting services to help you meet your time-to-market needs for your e-business.

For a description of the BEA Professional Services offerings and contact information, follow these steps:

  1. In your Web browser, enter to display the BEA corporate Web page.
  2. Click the Service drop-down menu and select Consulting Services. The BEA Consulting Services Web page appears.


BEA Education Services

BEA Education Services delivers integrated, client-driven education solutions that help ensure successful use of BEA products. In today’s competitive e-business driven market, there is also an increasing need for organizations to quickly and effectively acquire skills to adopt new technologies, such as the Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE), that are driving the next generation of distributed enterprise applications. BEA Education Services offers training in these technologies, which are incorporated in the BEA WebLogic suite of products.

For more information on BEA Education Services offerings and contact information, visit the BEA Education Services Web page at

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