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Command Reference

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Deletes the specified object from an Interface Repository.


 irdel [-f repository-name]  [-i id] object-name


This command deletes the specified interface from the repository. Only interfaces not referenced from another interface can be deleted. By default, the repository file is repository.ifr.


-f repository-name

An optional parameter that specifies an Interface Repository. The repository-name value is the file specification of an Interface Repository. If this option is not specified, the repository.ifr is used as the default.

-i id

The repository id for the specified object. The id is used as a secondary level of lookup. If the id does not match the id of the named object, the object is not deleted.


The name of the interface to delete from the repository. The name can be a simple object name or a scoped name, for example, MOD1::INTERF2::OP3 (operation OP3 is within interface INTERF2, which is in application MOD1).


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