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TMS_rac_refresh - Gets list of Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) prepared transactions.


TMS_rac_refresh groupname or [group ID grp1,grp2, ...]


In the event of an Oracle RAC group failover,TMS_rac_refresh sends the Transaction Manager Servers (TMS), which are specified by groupname(s) or group ID(s) and listed in the groupname parameter, a command to re-execute the xa_recover() operation. TMS_rac_refresh returns after sending its message to the TMS. The TMS then asynchronously executes the actual xa_recover(). This operation is needed by the Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) software during failover conditions.

TMS_rac_refresh is initiated using Oracle Fast Application Notification (FAN) when an Oracle RAC group fails over to an alternate server group. There is no need to manually execute it from the command line.

Notes: TMS_rac_refresh is used exclusively for Oracle server groups that make use of the RAC feature.

For details on configuring Oracle FAN, refer to Oracle 10g documentation.



The name(s) of a server group or group ID(s) associated with an alternate RAC database instance that is utilized when other instances have failed. Specifying this parameter is mandatory in order to execute TMS_rac_refresh.


TMS_rac_refresh is not normally executed from the command line. Therefore, any diagnostic messages are written to the userlog.


TMS_rac_refresh reports an error if groupname is not the name of a valid server group or if it is unable to send a message to the TMS servers listed in groupname.

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