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Command Reference

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tmunloadcf—Unloads binary TUXCONFIG configuration file.




tmunloadcf translates the TUXCONFIG configuration file from the binary representation into text format. This translation is useful for transporting the file in a compact way between machines with different byte orderings and backing up a copy of the file in a compact form for reliability. The text format is described in UBBCONFIG(5).

tmunloadcf reads values from the TUXCONFIG file referenced by the TUXCONFIG and TUXOFFSET environment variables and writes them to its standard output.

Starting in BEA Tuxedo release 7.1, passwords can be used for multiple resources. For example, you can include a password in the OPENINFO string for a resource manager. When tmunloadcf is run for a TUXCONFIG configuration file containing a password, the password appears in an encrypted form in the output. This encrypted form may only be uploaded back into the system once.

Note that some values are rounded during configuration and may not match values set during tmloadcf or via the TMIB interface. These include but are not limited to MAXRFT and MAXRTDATA.


tmunloadcf is supported on any platform on which the BEA Tuxedo server environment is supported.


Enter the following command to unload the configuration in /usr/tuxedo/tuxconfig into the file tconfig.backup.

TUXCONFIG=/usr/tuxedo/tuxconfig tmunloadcf > tconfig.backup


tmunloadcf checks that: (a) the file referenced by the TUXCONFIG and TUXOFFSET environment variables exists; (b) it is a valid BEA Tuxedo system file system; and (c) it contains TUXCONFIG tables. If any of these conditions is not met, tmunloadcf prints an error message and exits with error code 1. Upon successful completion, tmunloadcf exits with exit code 0.

See Also

tmloadcf(1), UBBCONFIG(5)

Administering a BEA Tuxedo Application at Run Time


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