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Command Reference

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tpusrdel—Deletes a user from the system.


tpusrdel usrname


The tpusrdel command deletes a principal (user or domain name) definition from the system. It removes the definition of the specified user. usrname specifies the existing username to be deleted.

Before you can run this command successfully, you must:

tpusradd must be run on the configuration MASTER if the application is not active. If the application is active, this command can run on any active node.


This command is available on any platform on which the BEA Tuxedo server environment is supported.


The tpusrdel command exits with a return code of 0 upon successful completion.

See Also

tpgrpadd(1), tpgrpdel(1), tpgrpmod(1), tpusradd(1), tpusrmod(1)


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