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Command Reference

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buildtms—Constructs a transaction manager server load module.


buildtms [ -v ] -o name -r rm_name


buildtms is used to construct a transaction manager server load module.

While several TM servers are provided with the BEA Tuxedo system, new resource managers may be provided to work with the BEA Tuxedo system for distributed transaction processing. The resource manager must conform to the X/OPEN XA interface. The following four items must be published by the resource manager vendor: the name of the structure of type xa_switch_t that contains the name of the resource manager, flags indicating capabilities of the resource manager, and function pointers for the actual XA functions; the name of the resource manager that is contained in the name element of the xa_switch_t structure; the name of the object files that provide the services of the XA interface and supporting software; and the format of the information string supplied to the OPENINFO and CLOSEINFO parameters in the UBBCONFIG configuration file. See UBBCONFIG(5).

When integrating a new resource manager into the BEA Tuxedo system, the file $TUXDIR/udataobj/RM must be updated to include the information about the resource manager. The format of this file is


where rm_name is the resource manager name, rm_structure_name is the name of the xa_switch_t structure, and library_names is the list of object files for the resource manager. White space (tabs and/or spaces) is allowed before and after each of the values and may be embedded within the library_names. The colon (:) character may not be embedded within any of the values. Lines beginning with a pound sign (#) are treated as comments and are ignored.

Note: Colon (:) is the list separator for UNIX systems. Use a semi-colon (;) in place of the colon for Windows systems.

A transaction manager server for the new resource manager must be built using buildtms and installed in $TUXDIR/bin. buildtms uses the buildserver(1) command to build the resulting a.out. The options to buildtms have the following meaning:


Specifies that buildtms should work in verbose mode. In particular, it writes the buildserver command to its standard output and specifies the -v option to buildserver.

-o name

Specifies the name of the file the output load module is to have.

-r rm_name

Specifies the resource manager associated with this server. The value rm_name must appear in the resource manager table located in $TUXDIR/udataobj/RM. The entry associated with the rm_name value is used to include the correct libraries for the resource manager automatically and properly to set up the interface between the transaction manager and resource manager (using the xa_switch_t structure).

buildtms uses the buildserver command to produce the a.out. buildserver uses the CC and CFLAGS environment variables, if set, for the compiler and compiler flags, respectively. See buildserver(1) for further details.


buildtms is supported as a BEA Tuxedo system-supplied compilation tool on any platform on which the BEA Tuxedo ATMI or CORBA server environment is supported. RM XA libraries are not supported on the Windows platform.


buildtms -o $TUXDIR/bin/TMS_XYZ -r XYZ/SQL # TMS for XYZ resource manager

See Also

buildserver(1), UBBCONFIG(5)


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