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Using CORBA Request-Level Interceptors

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Request-Level Interceptor API

This chapter documents the following interfaces that you use to implement request-level interceptors:

Each of these interfaces is a locality-constrained object. Any attempt to pass a reference outside its locality (that is, its process), or any attempt to externalize an object supporting this interface using the CORBA ORB object_to_string operation, results in the CORBA MARSHAL system exception (CORBA::MARSHAL) being raised.


Interceptor Hierarchy

Request-level interceptors are divided into two interfaces, providing separate client- and target-side functionality. The following figure illustrates the inheritance hierarchy of the request-level interceptors supported in the BEA Tuxedo product.


Note on Unused Interfaces

The method signatures for operations on classes derived from the RequestLevelInterceptor interface include parameters for the following interfaces:

These interfaces are not used in the BEA Tuxedo product. However, they are defined in the BEA Tuxedo product so that you do not need to recompile your CORBA application if an implementation of these interfaces is ever provided in a future release of the BEA Tuxedo product. The ORB always passes a nil for the actual argument. You should not attempt to use this argument; doing so will likely end the process with a serious error.


Interceptors::Interceptor Interface

The Interceptors::Interceptor interface is defined as the base interface of all types of interceptors, including request-level interceptors. This interface contains the set of operations and attributes that are supported by all types of interceptors. The Interceptors::Interceptor interface is defined as an abstract interface; thus an instance of the interface cannot be instantiated.

Listing 8-1 OMG IDL for the Interceptors::Interceptor Interface

//File: Interceptors.idl

#pragma prefix ""

module Interceptors
native ExceptionValue;

local Interceptor
readonly attribute string id; // identifier of interceptor

// called by ORB when interceptor is being shutdown
ShutdownReturnStatus shutdown(
in ShutdownReason reason,
out ExceptionValue excep_val
}; // locality constrained
#endif /* _INTERCEPTORS_IDL */

The implementation of the operations _duplicate, _narrow, and _nil are inherited from the implementation of the CORBA::LocalBase interface provided by the CORBA ORB in the BEA Tuxedo product.

Listing 8-2 C++ Declaration of the Interceptors::Interceptor Interface


#include <string.h>
#include <CORBA.h>

class OBBEXPDLL Interceptors
class Interceptor;
typedef Interceptor * Interceptor_ptr;

enum InvokeReturnStatus
INVOKE_NO_EXCEPTION,// proceed normally
REPLY_NO_EXCEPTION, // stop proceeding; start reply processing
REPLY_EXCEPTION // stop proceeding; reply with exception

enum ResponseReturnStatus
RESPONSE_NO_EXCEPTION, // proceed normally

enum ShutdownReturnStatus

enum ShutdownReason

struct Version
CORBA::Octet major_version;
CORBA::Octet minor_version;
typedef Version * Version_ptr;

// Abstract base interface for all Interceptors
class OBBEXPDLL Interceptor : public virtual CORBA::LocalBase
static Interceptor_ptr _duplicate(Interceptor_ptr obj);
static Interceptor_ptr _narrow(Interceptor_ptr obj);
static Interceptor_ptr _nil();
virtual ShutdownReturnStatus
shutdown( ShutdownReason reason,
CORBA::Exception_ptr & excep_val) = 0;
virtual CORBA::String id() = 0;

virtual ~Interceptor();
};#endif /* _INTERCEPTORS_H */


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