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Using the Tuxedo ATMI Workstation Component

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Using Workstation on a Windows System

The following sections describe additional information about using the BEA Tuxedo ATMI Workstation component on a Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 system:


Benefits of Using Workstation on a Windows System

The Windows instantiation of the Workstation client offers significant benefits to application developers:


Software Prerequisites

The software prerequisites for running the Workstation component on a Windows system are as follows:


Writing Client Programs

You can develop client programs targeted for Windows workstations in the same way that you would develop native client programs within the BEA Tuxedo system administrative domain. All the ATMI functions are available.

Interoperability Restrictions for Workstation Clients

Interoperability between BEA Tuxedo release 7.1 and later Workstation clients and applications based on pre-7.1 releases of the BEA Tuxedo system is supported in any of the following situations:

A BEA Tuxedo release 7.1 or later Workstation client with multiple threads in a single context cannot interoperate with a pre-7.1 release of the BEA Tuxedo system.

Building Client Programs

To compile client programs written in C, you can use any compiler that can read Microsoft C import libraries. To compile COBOL source programs that call the ATMI, use the LITLINK option of the COBOL compiler. For details, see COBOL Language Bindings for the Workstation Component on page 12-1 in Programming a BEA Tuxedo ATMI Application Using COBOL.

Use buildclient(1) with the -w flag to link-edit your client programs.

You can also build BEA Tuxedo clients without using the buildclient(1) utility. If you are using Microsoft Visual C++ projects, use the following settings:

In addition, set the INCLUDE, LIB, and PATH search directories appropriately.

Building GUI ATMI Clients

The sample/atmi/ws directory contains several different windows platform .mak files for creating GUI atmi clients. For an example of how these files may be used, see Tutorial for bankapp, a Full C Application.

Run Time

When you run client programs, your PATH must includoTUXDIR%\bin.


The BEA Tuxedo libraries (DLLs) prior to BEA Tuxedo release 7.1 are not thread-safe. For applications written using the pre-release 7.1 DLLs, threads should not be used; otherwise, threaded access is serialized through all BEA Tuxedo calls (such as ATMI, FML, userlog(), and so on).

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How a Multithreaded or Multicontexted Workstation Client Joins an Application

To join a BEA Tuxedo application, a multithreaded Workstation client must always call tpinit(3c) with the TPMULTICONTEXTS flag set, even if the client is running in single-context mode.

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