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BEA WebLogic Enterprise Release 5.0

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The WebLogic Enterprise system provides a robust, multiprogramming-model environment in which CORBA objects, J2EE entities such as Enterprise JavaBeans and RMI clients, and BEA Tuxedo services can coexist and interoperate in a single, scalable, transactional, and secure application.


All Interoperability and Coexistence Topics

Lists all the interoperability and coexistence topics, including links to two sample applications that include Enterprise JavaBean classes and CORBA objects.


Provides a high-level overview of the interoperability and coexistence capabilities in the WebLogic Enterprise system among the CORBA, J2EE, and Tuxedo programming models. This chapter also describes the set of interoperability sample applications provided with the WebLogic Enterprise software.

EJB-to-CORBA/Java Simpapp
    Sample Application

Describes how to build and run the EJB-CORBA/Java Simpapp sample application, which shows an EJB client, an EJB server deploying an EJB and an EJB-to-CORBA bridge object, and a CORBA server deploying a CORBA object.

CORBA/C++-to-EJB Simpapp
    Sample Application

Describes how to build and run the CORBA/C++-EJB Simpapp sample application, which shows a CORBA/C++ client application, a CORBA/Java server application acting as a liaison between the C++ client application and an EJB server, and an EJB server application.

Related Topics

University Wrapper Sample

Shows a CORBA object that calls a Tuxedo service.

Creating CORBA Client

Explains how CORBA and ActiveX client applications access WebLogic Enterprise server applications and describes the development steps common to all WebLogic Enterprise client applications.

Using RMI in a WebLogic
    Enterprise Environment

Explains briefly what RMI is and how it relates to J2EE programming in WLE, and describes how to develop RMI applications in a WLE environment.

The WLE Enterprise JavaBean
    Programming Environment

Provides an overview of the WLE EJB programming environment, describes the kinds of beans you can develop and deploy in the WLE system, and summarizes the entities you create to build and deploy a bean in the WLE environment.