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Getting Started
Overview of the WLE Product
The WLE CORBA Programming Environment
The WLE Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) Programming Environment
Developing WebLogic Enterprise (WLE) CORBA Applications
Using Security
Using Transactions
Designing and Developing Enterprise JavaBeans for the WLE System
Building and Deploying Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs)

Guide to the University
Sample Applications
Introduction to University Applications
Setting Up Your Environment
Basic Sample
Security Sample
Transactions Sample
Wrapper Sample
Production Sample
Setting Up the Database

Guide to the Java
Sample Applications
Introduction to Java Samples
Simpapp Sample
JDBC Bankapp Sample
XA Bankapp Sample

EJB Sample Applications
Stateless Session Bean Sample
Stateful Session Bean Sample
JDBC Sequence Sample
Oracle Sequence Sample
Parent Bean Sample
Child Bean Sample

Technical Articles
CORBA Programming Model
CORBA Objects
Process-Entity Design Pattern
Client Data Caching Design Pattern

What's New

All Security Topics
Overview of WLE Security
Managing Certificates and Keys
Configuring the WLE Environment for the SSL Protocol
Defining Security for a WLE CORBA Application
Writing a WLE CORBA Application That Implements Security
Building and Running the CORBA Sample Applications
Writing a WLE Enterprise JavaBean that Implements Security
WLE Security Service APIs
Security Modules
C++ Security Reference
Java Security Reference
Automation Security Reference

All Transaction Topics
Introducing Transactions
Transaction Service
Transactions in CORBA Server Applications
Transactions in CORBA Client Applications
Transactions Sample CORBA Java JDBC Application
Transactions Sample CORBA C++ XA Application
Transactions Sample CORBA Java/C++ XA Application
Transactions in EJB Applications
Transactions in RMI Applications
Transactions and the WLE JDBC/XA Driver
Administering Transactions

All JDBC Driver Topics
Using the WLE JDBC/XA Driver
Using JDBC Connection Pooling
Using the jdbcKona Drivers
Using the jdbcKona/Oracle Driver
Using the jdbcKona/ MSSQLServer4 Driver
jdbcKona Extensions to the JDBC 1.22 API
CORBA Programming

Creating CORBA Java Server Applications
Java Server Application Concepts
Steps for Creating a Java Server Application
Integrating Transactions
Scaling a Java Server Application

Creating CORBA C++ Server Applications
All C++ Server Topics
Server Application Concepts
Steps for Creating a WLE Server Application
Designing and Implementing a Basic Server
Adding Security
Integrating Transactions
Wrapping a BEA TUXEDO Service
Adding Scalability Features

Creating CORBA Client Applications
All CORBA Client Applications
Client Application Development Concepts
Creating CORBA Client Applications
Creating ActiveX Client Applications
Implementing Security
Implementing Transactions
Using the Dynamic Invocation
Handling Exceptions

Server-to-Server Communication
All Server-to-Server Communication Topics
Understanding Server-to-Server
Developing C++ Joint Client/Server
Developing Java Joint Client/Server

idltoajava Compiler
All idltojava Compiler Topics
Overview of Java CORBA Programming
Using the idltojava Command
Java IDL Examples
Java IDL Programming Concepts
IDL to Java Mappings

Request-Level Interceptors
All Request-Level Interceptor Topics
Developing C++ Interceptors
Developing Java Interceptors
Deploying the Interceptor
PersonQuery Sample Application
InterceptorSimp Sample Interceptors
InterceptorSec Sample Interceptors
InterceptorData Sample Interceptors
Request-Level Interceptor API
Starter C++ Interceptor Files
Starter Java Implementation File

Notification Service
All Notification Topics
Notification Service API Reference
Using the BEA Simple Events API
Using the CosNotification Service API
Building the Introductory Sample Application
Building the Advanced Sample Application
Notification Service Administration Guide

J2EE Programming

EJB Deployer
All EJB Deployer Topics
EJB Deployer Concepts
Using the WLE EJB Deployer
EJB Deployer Panels
EJB Deployment Descriptor Reference
WLE EJB Extensions Reference

WLE SPI Implementation for JNDI
All JNDI Topics
Using the WLE SPI Implementations for JNDI

Remote Method Invocation (RMI)
All RMI Topics
Overview of RMI in WLE
Getting Started with RMI -- a Hello World Example
Developing RMI Applications in WLE
Using RMI with Client-Side Callbacks
Using RMI with EJBs
Converting Sun JavaSoft RMI to WLE RMI Classes
The WebLogic Enterprise RMI API
Java Server Startup
Using a Startup Properties File
All Administration Topics
Administration Tools
Creating a
   Configuration File
Starting & Shutting Down
Distributing Applications
Building Networked
Configuring Transactions
Managing Interface
   Repositories (WLE)
Configuring Multiple
   Domains (WLE)
Working with Multiple
   Domains (TUXEDO)
Managing Workstation
   Clients (TUXEDO)
Managing Remote Client
Managing Queued
   Messages (TUXEDO)
Securing Applications
Monitoring a Running System
Monitoring Log Files
Tuning Applications
Migrating Applications
Dynamically Modifying
Dynamically Reconfiguring
Event Broker/Monitor
Troubleshooting Applications

CORBA C++ Programming Reference
All CORBA C++ Programming Reference Topics
OMG IDL Syntax
Implementation Configuration File (ICF)
TP Framework
Bootstrap Object
FactoryFinder Interface
Security Service
Transactions Service
Notification Service
Request-Level Interceptors
Interface Repository Interfaces
Joint Client/Server Applications
C++ Development Commands
Mapping OMG IDL to C++
Server-side Mapping

CORBA Java Programming Reference
All CORBA Java Programming Reference Topics
WLE Javadoc
JDBC API, with
WebLogic Enterprise extensions
Server Description File
TP Framework
Bootstrap Object
FactoryFinder Interface
Security Service
Transaction Service
Notification Service
Request-Level Interceptors
WLE Interface Repository
Joint Client/Server Applications
Development and Interface
   Repository Administration
Mapping IDL to Java

Other Reference
System Messages
BEA TUXEDO Documents
PDF Files