Guide to Building Business Processes

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Specifying Endpoints in Your Business Process

When you create a business process, it contains by default a Start and a Finish node. You can specify additional (optional) endpoints of your business process by adding Finish nodes to those locations where you want the business process to cease execution. A Finish node is always the last node in a business process. You can place a Finish node at the end of the main flow or on any branch of a business process.

To Create a Finish Node in Your Business Process
  1. On the Package Explorer pane, click the business process ( file) you want to design. Your business process is displayed in the Design view.
  2. If the Node Palette is not visible in BEA WorkSpace Studio, choose Window > Show View > Node Palette from the BEA WorkSpace Studio menu.
  3. Click Finish in the Node Palette.
  4. Drag and drop the Finish node onto the business process, placing it on a branch in the business process at the point where you want to specify the termination of your business process.
  5. The Design view is updated to contain your Finish node.

  6. To save your work, select File > Save.

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