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TIBCO Rendezvous Control and Event Generator User Guide

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TIBCO Rendezvous Sample


This chapter gives you a complete understanding of TIBCO® RV control and event generator with the help of a real-life application. The sample application provided is working code and implements a simple loan processing application that uses request/reply, certified messaging and TIBCO event generator headers.

Note: This sample application is provided for your convenience and is not supported by BEA.


What the Sample Does

The application works in the following manner:

  1. The LoanRequest process will send a loan request message through a TIBCO RV control with subject loan.request.
  2. The Bank process will listen to messages (of subject loan.request) through a TIBCO RV event generator and reply to these messages as approved.
  3. In processing the loan request, the Bank process will send certified messages to loan.process and the ProcessDesk process will receive these messages and process the loan request.

Note: It is important that you read through TIBCO Rendezvous Control, and TIBCO Rendezvous Event Generator, before you proceed.


Prerequisites to Using the Sample Application

Before you start using the sample application, you need to ensure that you can create TIBCO RV controls and event generators. Use the following as a checklist.

  1. Ensure the TIBCO RV event generator application (TibRVEG.ear) is deployed in the integration domain template, and TIBCO EG is displayed in the event generators tab of the WebLogic IntegrationTM Administration Console.
  2. Ensure the tibrvj.jar file from the TIBCO® RendezvousTM installation is imported into the Libraries folder of the application where the TIBCO RV control is used.
  3. Ensure the TibRVControl.jar and TibRVSchemas.jar files are copied to the Libraries folder of the application.
  4. Ideally, build this sample application in development mode. However, if you are in production mode, turn on the testConsoleFlag.


Getting Started With the Sample Application

The sample application is available at the following URL:

The sample file is listed as TIBCO Rendezvous Control and Event Generator Sample. Download the file and perform the following steps to integrate and use the application.

  1. Unzip the file to extract all the application code files. These files are automatically extracted under a RvSample directory.
  2. Open the file in WebLogic WorkshopTM.
  3. Create two TIBCO RV event generators in the WebLogic Integration Administration Console. You can provide any names for these two event generators, as long as they are unique. Specify the following values for the respective event generators.
  4. Subject: loan.request
    Channel: /loan/request/EG

    Subject; loan.process
    Channel: /loan/request/backendProcess
    CM: true

    Leave the rest of the parameter fields blank.

  5. Press F7 to build the application in WebLogic Workshop, which should also automatically deploy it.
  6. On successful build, execute the LoanRequest process by pressing Ctrl+F10.
  7. After successful execution of the application, the WebLogic console displays the following statements, one for each of the three processes:
  8. Loan Request: Loan Approved 
    Bank: Loan is successfully getting processed at the process desk
    Process Desk: Received the loan request... will process


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