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Upgrade Guide

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Upgrading Application View Controls Created in WebLogic Workshop

In WebLogic Workshop 7.0 SP2, you could create Java Web Services (JWS) that used Application View controls for accessing enterprise systems through a J2EE Connector Architecture adapter. In WebLogic Integration 8.1, these controls have been completely restructured, and the API has changed. Therefore, you will need to manually upgrade your Application View controls, as described in the following steps:

  1. Make sure your Application Views and other artifacts (Application View descriptors, connection factory descriptors, and schemas) have been imported into a WebLogic Integration 8.1 application using the import-export utility. To learn about this utility, see Importing Application Views and Other AI Repository Artifacts.
  2. Copy the JWS file from your WebLogic Workshop 7.0 SP2 project and perform any conversion needed for the JWS files. To learn about upgrading JWS files, see "Run the jwsUpgrade Command-line Tool" in Upgrading Workshop Applications in the WebLogic Workshop Help at the following URL:
  4. Remove all member variable declarations for Application View controls from the JWS file and record the variable names and their associated Application Views. You will need this information later.
  5. For example, in a file called DMBS1Service.jws:

    public class DBMS1Service
         * @jws:control
    private DBMS1Control m_dbms;
    /** @jws:context */
    JwsContext context;
    1. Remove the member variable declaration.
    2.     /**
           * @jws:control
      private DBMS1Control m_dbms;
    3. Write down the variable name.
    4. m_dbms

    For example, in the DBMS1Control.ctrl file:

    import weblogic.jws.control.ApplicationViewControl;
    * @jws:av-identity name="DBMS.DBMS1" user-id="system" password="password"
    1. Write down the name of the application:
    2. DBMS.DBMS1
  6. Create an Application View control in WebLogic Workshop 8.1 for all Application Views you recorded. When providing the variable name for the control, use the variable name you recorded previously. This creates the control instances and links them to your JWS as variable declarations.
  7. Note: To learn about creating an Application View control, see Creating a New Application View Control in the WebLogic Workshop Help at the following URL:

  8. Examine your JWS code and change the places where the Application View control variables are used, using the following guidelines:
  9. Note: A control created in WebLogic Workshop 7.0 SP2 has a.ctrl extension, while a control created in WebLogic Workshop 8.1 has a .jcx extension.


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