Introducing BEA WebLogic Integration

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Introduction to WebLogic Integration

Integration Component of WebLogic Platform

Benefits of a Common Application Framework

Unified Approach to Enterprise Integration

Interoperability of WebLogic Integration with AquaLogic Service Bus

Features of BEA WebLogic Integration

Eclipse-Based Integration Development Environment








Business Process Management

Web Services Available as Business Process Resources

Synchronous and Asynchronous Business Processes

Stateless and Stateful Business Processes

Business Process Calls

Data Transformation

Message Broker

Event Generators

WebLogic Integration Controls

Application View Control

Dynamic Transformation Control

ebXML Control

Email Control

File Control

HTTP Control

Message Broker Publish and Subscription Controls

MQ Series Control

Process Control

RosettaNet Control

Service Broker Control

Task and Task Batch Controls

TIBCO RV Control

TPM Control

WLI JMS Control

XML MetaData Cache Control

Worklist System

Trading Partner Integration

Application Integration and Adapters

Administration and Management

Business Process Instance Monitoring and Process Configuration

System Configuration

BPEL Import and Export

BPEL Import Tool

BPEL Export Tool

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