Upgrade Guide

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Scope of this Document

Terminology Used in This Document

What's New that Impacts the Upgrade Process

The Upgrade Process

The Upgrade Process


Upgrading Your WebLogic Integration Domain to 9.2

Upgrading Applications to WebLogic Integration 9.2

Before You Begin

The Upgrade Process

Using the Import Wizard to Upgrade Your Application

Using the Command Line to Upgrade Applications

Using an Ant task to Upgrade Your Applications

Understanding the Upgrade Log

Outages During or After Deployment

Manual Changes Required After Upgrade

Known Limitations for Domain Upgrade

Testing the Upgrade

Upgrading Business Processes and Control Files for Use with WebLogic Integration 9.2

Upgrading Business Processes (JPDs)

Upgrading JCX or WebLogic Integration Control Files

Upgrading JCS Control Files

Control Annotations

Application View Controls

Data Transformation Controls

Email Controls

File Controls

HTTP Controls

Message Broker Controls

MQSeries Controls

Process Controls

Service Broker Controls

Task Control Control-level Annotations

Task Control Method-level Annotations

Task Worker Control Control-level Annotation

Task Worker Control Method-level Annotations

Dynamic Transformation Controls

WebLogic Integration JMS Controls

TIBCO RV Controls

Other Component Changes

Control Factories

XQuery Files

JPD and Control Callbacks

JPD Process Language

DTF Transformation

Channel Files

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