Tutorial: Upgrading 8.1 Application Source to 9.2

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Tutorial: Overview

This tutorial provides specific information on how to upgrade a BEA WebLogic Integration 8.1 (Service Pack 4 or 5) application, to the BEA WebLogic Integration 9.2 environment. This tutorial describes the upgrade scenario using a Process Application sample created in BEA WebLogic Platform 8.1.

WebLogic Integration 9.2 is a part of BEA Workshop for WebLogic Platform 9.2. This chapter includes the following sections:


Tutorial Objective and Scope

You are required to have in depth knowledge of WebLogic Platform, in particular, WebLogic Integration 8.1. The objective of this tutorial is to help you understand and apply the upgrade process to existing applications, when upgrading to WebLogic Integration 9.2. The upgrade process does not change or alter the source application logic and intent in any manner. The process simply upgrades the application for use in the Workshop for WebLogic Platform workspace.

To meet this objective, the steps involved can be grouped as follows:



This tutorial has several dependencies for its smooth execution. For example, you require an application from the 8.1 release as the source for the upgrade exercise. Following are some of the requirements for successful execution of the tutorial:


About the Upgrade Import Wizard

The upgrade process in 9.2 is handled by an import wizard. The wizard does not alter the logic and intent of the existing 8.1 application, nor extract the application from any source repository. It migrates the 8.1 source artifacts into the 9.2 source and project model. However, it retains the 8.1 Javadoc annotations as they do not require any special processing in 9.2. These annotations are also retained to facilitate any manual processing that may be required after upgrading the application.

Following are some of the tasks executed by the import wizard.


Creating the Source 8.1 Application

For the purpose of this tutorial, you are going to create a Request Quote application in the WebLogic Platform 8.1 Service Pack 5 release. The primary goal of this section is to create an Application in 8.1 and to replace some deprecated APIs for error-free import into the 9.2 release.

Note: Applications created using Service Pack 4 or 6 can also be upgraded using this tutorial.

Perform the following steps to create the new application in 8.1.

  1. In WebLogic Workshop 8.1 select the File Arrow symbolNew Arrow symbolApplication... menu option. This will display the New Application dialog box.
  2. In the left pane select Tutorial and in the right pane, select Tutorial: Process Application.
  3. In the Name: field, provide the name sampleApp. The New Application dialog box should appear as displayed in Figure 1-1.
  4. Figure 1-1 Creating a New Application in WebLogic Platform 8.1

    Creating a New Application in WebLogic Platform 8.1

  5. Click Create to proceed.
  6. In the Application pane of WebLogic Workshop, navigate to view the sampleApp Arrow symbolsampleAppWeb Arrow symbolrequestquote Arrow symbolservices Arrow symbolAvailProcessor.jws web service file.
  7. Double-click the file to view its Source View in the adjacent pane, as shown in Figure 1-2.
  8. Figure 1-2 Viewing the Web Service Source

    Viewing the Web Service Source

  9. In the highlighted text (public interface Callback extends weblogic.jws.control.ServiceControl) of the source view as shown in Figure 1-2, replace weblogic.jws.control.ServiceControl with com.bea.control.Control.
  10. At the beginning of the source file, replace the import weblogic.jws.control.JwsContext with import com.bea.control.JwsContext.
  11. Note: The weblogic.jws.control.ServiceControl and the weblogic.jws.control.JwsContext are deprecated APIs that need to be replaced in all the web services for an error free upgrade to 9.2.
  12. Perform step 5 to step 9 on the remaining two web services, PriceProcessor.jws and TaxCalc.jws.
  13. Save and Close the application.

Your application, sampleApp is now ready for import using the Workshop for WebLogic Platform 9.2 IDE.

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