Using Worklist User Portal

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Introduction to Worklist User Portal

About Worklist User Portal

Worklist User Portal

Login to Worklist

Worklist User Portal Pages

Portlets in Worklist User Portal

Creating a Task Instance

Creating a Task Instance Associated with an Interactive Assignee List

Viewing Upcoming Tasks

Viewing Assigned Tasks

Claiming a Task Instance

Working on a Task Instance

Viewing the Task Instance Details

Searching for a Task

Browsing Tasks based on Task Plan

Viewing Overdue Tasks

Task List Page

Customizing the Task List

Deleting a Task Instance

Customizing Worklist User Portal

Typical Workflow

Implementing the Custom Task UI Page Flow

Creating a Page Flow

Creating Form Beans

Generating Setter and Getters Methods for Properties

Defining Actions on a Page Flow

Action Methods and Form Beans

Worklist Property Editors and Actions

Creating Actions on a Page Flow

Defining JSP Pages

Creating JSP Files

Registering the Custom Task UI

Deploying the Custom Task UI

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