Introduction to Oracle JRockit Real Time

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What is Oracle JRockit Real Time?

Oracle JRockit Real Time Compatibility

Oracle JRockit JDK Features in JRockit Real Time 3.0

JRockit Latency Analysis Tool

JRockit Memory Leak Detector

Starting JRockit Mission Control

Example Use Cases

Derivative Exchange Defies Arbitrage Traders

Competition-Beating Risk Calculation Infrastructure

Software Components

Oracle JRockit JDK 6 R27.6

Oracle JRockit JDK 5.0 R27.6

Oracle JRockit JDK 1.4.2 R27.6

Deterministic Garbage Collection

Enabling the Deterministic Garbage Collector

JRockit Runtime Analyzer (JRA)

Supported Configurations for JRockit Real Time


Tuning Real Time Applications for Deterministic Garbage Collection

Basic Environment Tuning

Basic Application Tuning

J2EE Application Tuning

JMS Application Tuning

JVM Tuning for Real-Time Applications

Allow For a Warm-up Period

Adjust Min/Max Heap Sizes

Increase or Decrease Pause Targets

Set the Page Size

Determine Optimal Load

Analyze GC With JRockit Verbose Output

Limit Amount of Finalizers and Reference Objects

Adjust the Garbage Collection Trigger

Adjust the Amount of Garbage Collection Threads for Processors

More Tuning Information

JRockit JVM

Using Oracle JRockit Real Time with Other Oracle Products

Getting Started

Oracle WebLogic Server

WebLogic Event Server

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