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Start an application in Administration Mode

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After you have installed an Enterprise application, you can start it in Administration Mode to ensure that it starts correctly, before making it available to clients. This assistant guides you through the process of starting an Enterprise application in Adminstration Mode.

Administration mode refers to the mode that WebLogic Server puts the application after it has copied deployment files to target managed servers and clusters and validated the deployment configuration. Administration mode restricts access to an application to a configured Administration channel. You can distribute an application into a production environment (or distribute a new version of an application) without opening the application to external client connections.

While in Administration mode, you can connect to an application only through a configured Administration channel. This allows you to perform final ("sanity") checking of the distributed application directly in the production environment without disrupting clients. After performing final testing, you can either undeploy the application to make further changes, or start the application to make it generally available to clients.

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