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Persistence: Plugins: Sybase Dictionary

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This page shows the attributes of a Sybase Dictionary.

Configuration Options

Name Description
Char Type Name
Outer Join Clause
Binary Type Name
Clob Type Name
Supports Locking With Distinct Clause
Simulate Locking
System Tables
Concatenate Function
Sub Function Name
Supports Query Timeout
Use Set Bytes For Blobs
Max Constraint Name Length
Search Escape
Supports Cascade Update Action
String Length Function
get Long Varbinary Type Name
Supports Unique Constraints
Supports Restrict Delete Action
Trim Leading Function
Supports Default Delete Action
Next Sequence Query
Long Varchar Type Name
Cross Join Clause
Max Embedded Clob Size
Date Type Name
Supports Schema For Get Tables
Supports Alter Table With Drop Column
Current Time Function
Requires Condition For Cross Join
Ref Type Name
Concatenate Delimiter
Catalog Separator
Supports Mod Operator
Schema Case
Java Object Type Name
Driver Vendor
Supports Locking With Multiple Tables
Max Column Name Length
Double Type Name
Use Get String For Clobs
Decimal Type Name
Smallint Type Name
Date Precision
Supports Alter Table With Add Column
Bit Type Name
Supports Null Table For Get Columns
To Upper Case Function
Supports Select End Index
Supports Auto Assign
Store Large Numbers As Strings
Constraint Name Mode
Allows Alias In Bulk Clause
Supports Select For Update
Distinct Count Column Separator
Supports Subselect
Time Type Name
Auto Assign Type Name
Use Get Object For Blobs
Max Auto Assign Name Length
Validation SQL
Struct Type Name
Varchar Type Name
Range Position
Supports Restrict Update Action
Auto Assign Clause
Supports Multiple Nontransactional Result Sets
Bit Length Function
Create Primary Keys
Null Type Name
Float Type Name
Use Get Bytes For Blobs
Table Types
Numeric Type Name
Table For Update Clause
Integer Type Name
Blob Type Name
For Update Clause
Boolean Type Name
Use Get Best Row Identifier For Primary Keys
Supports Foreign Keys
Drop Table SQL
Use Set String For Clobs
Supports Locking With Order Clause
Fixed Size Type Names
Store Chars As Numbers
Max Indexes Per Table
Requires Cast For Comparisons
Supports Having
Supports Locking With Outer Join
Supports Correlated Subselect
Supports Null Table For Get Imported Keys
Bigint Type Name
Last Generated Key Query
Reserved Words
Supports Null Update Action
Use Schema Name
Supports Deferred Constraints
Real Type Name
Requires Alias For Subselect
Supports Null Table For Get Index Info
Trim Trailing Function
Supports Locking With Select Range
Storage Limitations Fatal
Supports Locking With Inner Join
Current Timestamp Function
Cast Function
Other Type Name
Max Index Name Length
Distinct Type Name
Character Column Size
Varbinary Type Name
Max Table Name Length
Close Pool SQL
Current Date Function
Join Syntax
Max Embedded Blob Size
Trim Both Function
Supports Select Start Index
To Lower Case Function
Array Type Name
Inner Join Clause
Supports Default Update Action
Supports Schema For Get Columns
Tinyint Type Name
Supports Null Table For Get Primary Keys
System Schemas
Requires Cast For Math Functions
Supports Null Delete Action
Requires Auto Commit For Meta Data
Timestamp Type Name
Initialization SQL
Supports Cascade Delete Action

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