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Preferences: WLST Script Recording: General

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Use this page to specify preferences for recording WLST scripts. Each user can set her or his own recording preferences.

Configuration Options

Name Description
Base Script Directory

Specifies an existing directory into which the Administration Console writes the script file, user configuration file, and key file.

The script file contains the recorded WLST commands. If you record commands that get or set the values of encrypted attributes (such the password for a server's Java Standard Trust keystore), the Administration Console stores the encrypted data in a user configuration file. It also creates a key file which contains the secret key that is used to encrypt and decrypt the encrypted data.

If you specify a directory that does not already exist, the Administration Console reports an input/output (IO) error.

Script File Name

Specifies the name of the file into which the Administration Console records the WLST commands.

You can also include a pathname component in the script file name. For example, if Base Script Directory contains c:\mydomain\scripts and you enter \myscripts\ in Script File Name , the Administration Console saves the script in c:\mydomain\scripts\myscripts\ . The pathname component that you specify must already exist.

By default, the Administration Console generates a unique name each time you start a recording session. Even if the Append To File option is selected, the default behavior is to create a new, uniquely named file for each recording session.

Append To File

Adds the output of recording sessions to the end of the script file.

If you clear this check box, you can overwrite scripts that other users have created.

If a file exists at the pathname specified by Script Directory and Script File Name , the Administration Console can either append to the file or overwrite it. Select Append To File if you want to append to any existing file.

If the preferences for multiple users specify the same script file, clearing this check box will overwrite the commands that other users have recorded.

You cannot change this preference for a recording session that is in progress.

Require Lock

Disables the Start Recording button on the Preferences: WLST Script Recording: Control page and the Record button on the toolbar until you lock the domain configuration.

If you clear this check box, you can click the buttons to start a recording session without locking the domain configuration, but the Administration Console will not record commands until you have obtained a lock on the configuration.

Automatic Recording

Starts recording when you obtain a lock on the domain configuration and stops recording when you activate your changes, undo your changes, release the lock, or lose the lock.

Prompt Before Recording from Toolbar

If you start recording by clicking the Record link in the toolbar, this option enables you to override your recording preferences for the current session.

You can override the name of the script file that you have saved in your preferences. You can also decide if you want to append to the script file or overwrite it. Your overrides apply to the current recording session only.

Generate Prescript and Postscript

Wraps the recorded WLST commands with the text that you specify in Prescript Text and Postscript Text. Requires the Append To File check box to be cleared.

Use this option to create scripts that WLST can run immediately without requiring user edits. For example, in Prescript Text, specify WLST commands that connect to an Administration Server and start and edit session. In Postscript Text, specify WLST commands that disconnect from the server.

You cannot use this option if Append To File is selected because the Administration Console cannot parse existing script files and insert WLST commands before the postscript text.

Prescript Text

Specifies text that the Administration Console writes to the script file before writing the recorded WLST commands.

Postscript Text

Specifies text that the Administration Console writes to the script file after the recorded WLST commands.

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