Programming Stand-alone Clients

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Using the WebLogic JarBuilder Tool

Use the following steps to create a wlfullclient.jar file for a client application:

  1. Change directories to the server/lib directory.
  2. cd WL_HOME/server/lib
  3. Use the following command to create wlfullclient.jar in the server/lib directory:
  4. java -jar ../../../modules/com.bea.core.jarbuilder_X.X.X.X.jar

    where X.X.X.X is the version number of the jarbuilder module in the WL_HOME/server/lib directory. For example:

    java -jar ../../../modules/com.bea.core.jarbuilder_1.0.1.0.jar
  5. You can now copy and bundle the wlfullclient.jar with client applications.
  6. Add the wlfullclient.jar to the client application’s classpath.

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