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Interface Summary
HostnameVerifier HostnameVerifier provides a callback mechanism so that implementers of this interface can supply a policy on whether the connection to the URL's hostname should be allowed.
HostnameVerifierJSSE Deprecated. Replaced by HostnameVerifier
TrustManager The TrustManager interface permits the user to override certain validation errors in the peer's certificate chain and allow the handshake to continue.
TrustManagerJSSE Deprecated. 04/2003 TrustManager should be used instead

Class Summary
CertPathTrustManager A CertPathTrustManager that makes use of the configured CertPathValidation providers to perform extra validation; for example, revocation checking.
SSLContext SSLContext holds all of the state information shared across all sockets created under that context.
SSLSocketFactory Delegates to SSLSocketFactory requests to create SSL sockets.
SSLValidationConstants Defines context element names.

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