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Interface CertPathSelector

All Known Implementing Classes:
EndCertificateSelector, IssuerDNSerialNumberSelector, SubjectDNSelector, SubjectKeyIdentifierSelector, X509ThumbprintSelector

public interface CertPathSelector

A CertPathSelector contains the selection criteria for locating and validating a certification path.

Because there are many ways to look up certification paths, a derived class is implemented for each type of selection criteria.

An application caller instantiates one of these derived classes and uses it when creating an instance of CertPathBuilderParameters, which contains the parameters used to access the WebLogic Server Certificate Lookup and Validation (CLV) Framework via the JDK's CertPathBuilder API.

For more information, see the sections that describe certification paths in "Developing Security Providers for WebLogic Server" and "Programming WebLogic Security" on

See Also:
CertPathBuilderParameters, CertPathBuilder

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