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Interface SelfDescribingResourceV2

All Superinterfaces:
Resource, SelfDescribingResource, Serializable
All Known Implementing Classes:
AdminResource, ApplicationResource, COMResource, ControlResource, EISResource, EJBResource, JDBCResource, JMSResource, JMXResource, JNDIResource, RemoteResource, ResourceBase, ServerResource, URLResource, WebServiceResource, WorkContextResource

public interface SelfDescribingResourceV2
extends SelfDescribingResource

The SelfDescribingResourceV2 class adds more query methods to the SelfDescribingResource class. It should be used for all new Resources.


Field Summary
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Method Summary
 boolean isTransitiveField(String fieldName)
          Returns true when the specified field name is a transitive field.
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getFieldType, getRepeatingFieldIndex, getRepeatingFieldTerminatingIndex
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equals, getID, getKeys, getParentResource, getType, getValues, hashCode, toString

Method Detail


boolean isTransitiveField(String fieldName)
Returns true when the specified field name is a transitive field. When the transitive field value is null the field name is not included into the resource id.

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