Programming WebLogic JSP Tag Extensions

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Introduction and Roadmap

Document Scope and Audience

Guide to this Document

Related Documentation

New and Changed JSP Features In This Release

Understanding and Creating Custom JSP Tags

Tag Handler API and Implementation

Custom Tag Library

Custom Tag Format

What Can You Do with Custom Tags?

Creating and Configuring a JSP Tag Library: Example Procedures

Creating a Tag Library Descriptor

Overview of Tag Library Descriptors

Writing the Tag Library Descriptor

Sample Tag Library Descriptor

The DynamicAttributes Interface

Tag Handler Support of Dynamic Attributes

Dynamic Attributes Example

Dynamic Attributes Syntax

Implementing the Tag Handler

Simple Tag Handler Life Cycle (SimpleTag Interface)

Events in the Simple Tag Handler Life Cycle

JSP Fragments

Tag Handler Life Cycle (Tag and BodyTag Interfaces)

Iteration Over a Body Tag (IterationTag Interface)

Handling Exceptions within a Tag Body

Using Tag Attributes

Defining New Scripting Variables

Dynamically Named Scripting Variables

Defining Variables in the Tag Library Descriptor

Writing Cooperative Nested Tags

Using a Tag Library Validator

Administration and Configuration

Configuring JSP Tag Libraries

Packaging a JSP Tag Library as JAR File

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