WebLogic Tuxedo Connector Administration Guide

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Introduction to WebLogic Tuxedo Connector

The following sections summarize the concepts and functionality of WebLogic Tuxedo Connector for this release of WebLogic Server:


Document Scope

This document introduces the BEA WebLogic Tuxedo Connector™ application development environment. This document provides information on how to configure and administer the WebLogic Tuxedo Connector to interoperate between WebLogic Server and Tuxedo.

Guide to this Document

The document is organized as follows:

Related Documentation

The BEA corporate Web site provides all documentation for WebLogic Server and Tuxedo.

For more information about Java and Java CORBA applications, refer to the following sources:


WebLogic Tuxedo Connector Overview

The WebLogic Tuxedo Connector provides interoperability between WebLogic Server applications and Tuxedo services. The connector allows WebLogic Server clients to invoke Tuxedo services and Tuxedo clients to invoke WebLogic Server Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs) in response to a service request.


Key Functionality and Administrative Features

The WebLogic Tuxedo Connector enables you to develop and support applications interoperating WebLogic Server and Tuxedo by using a Java Application-to-Transaction Monitor Interface (JATMI) similar to the Tuxedo ATMI. The WebLogic Tuxedo Connector tBridge functionality provides Tuxedo /Q and JMS advanced messaging services.

The WebLogic Tuxedo Connector provides the following bi-directional interoperability:

The WebLogic Tuxedo Connector includes the following key administration features:


Known Limitations

WebLogic Tuxedo Connector has the following limitations:


How WebLogic Tuxedo Connector Differs from Jolt

The WebLogic Tuxedo Connector is not a replacement for Jolt. WebLogic Tuxedo Connector differs from Jolt in the following ways:

Users should use Jolt as a solution instead of the WebLogic Tuxedo Connector when a generic Java client or other Web server application is required and WebLogic Server is not part of the solution.


Platform Support

See our Platforms Support page for the most accurate and current information regarding platform support.


New and Changed Features in This Release

For a comprehensive listing of the new WebLogic Server features introduced in this release, see “ What's New in WebLogic Server 10” in Release Notes.

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