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Clear the statement cache in a JDBC data source

If statement caching is enabled for the data source, WebLogic Server caches prepared and callable statements that are used in each connection in the data source. Each connection has its own cache, but the caches for each connection are configured and managed as a group. When you clear the statement cache for a data source, you clear the statement cache for all connections in the instance of the data source you select. For more information, see Increasing Performance with the Statement Cache.

To clear the statement cache in a JDBC data source:

  1. Navigate to the data source that you want to work with:
  2. Select the Control tab.
  3. On the Control page, select the instances of the data source for which you want to clear the statement cache.

    Date source instances are listed by the server on which they are deployed.

  4. Click the Clear Statement Cache button.
  5. Click Yes to confirm the action.

    Results are displayed at the top of the page, and the Status of Last Action is changed to SUCCESS for each data source that you selected to shrink.

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