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Configure JMS system modules

JMS resources are configured and stored as modules similar to standard J2EE modules. Such resources include queues, topics, connection factories, templates, destination keys, quota, distributed queues, distributed topics, foreign servers, and JMS store-and-forward (SAF) parameters. You can administratively configure and manage JMS modules as global system resources.

To configure a JMS sytem module:

  1. Create a JMS system module to contain your JMS resources. See Create JMS system modules.

    While creating a JMS system module, you can also add JMS resources to the module by selecting the Would you like to add resources? check box. The remaining steps explain how to create resources by using the the Summary of Resources table on a JMS module's Configuration page.

  2. Configure resources for the JMS system module. See Configure resources for JMS system modules.
  3. If you skipped the targeting step when creating a JMS module, or want to modify the current targeting selections, you can do so at anytime. See Target JMS system modules.
  4. Optionally, add or remove security roles and policies to a JMS system module. See Create JMS system module security roles and Configure JMS system module security policies.

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