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Create Credential Mappings

To create a username and password-based credential mapping for the WebLogic Credential Mapping provider:

  1. In the left pane, select Security Realms and click the name of the realm you are configuring (for example, myrealm).
  2. Select Credential Mappings > Default.

    The Default Credential Mappings table lists the Credential Mappings configured in this security realm.

  3. Click New.

    The Creating the Remote Resource for the Security Credential Mapping page appears.

  4. If you are not using the cross-domain protocol to create a credential mapping for a remote domain user, make sure the Use cross-domain protocol attribute is disabled.
  5. Enter information about the remote resource to be accessed using this credential mapping. This information is used to identify the remote resource and can include one or more of the following:
    1. Protocol—The protocol to use to reach the remote resource.
    2. Remote Host—The host name of the remote resource.
    3. Remote Port—The port number of the remote resource.
    4. Path—If the remote resource is identified by a path, rather than a hostname and port.
    5. Method—The method on the remote resource this credential is used with.

    Click Next.

  6. On the Create a New Security Credential Map Entry page, enter the name of the local user that you are mapping from. This is the WebLogic username that will be the initiator when you want to access the remote resource using this credential mapping.
  7. Enter the name of the remote user that you are mapping to. This is the username that is authorized to access the resource using this credential mapping.
  8. Enter the remote password required by the remote resource for the remote user you specified in the previous step.
  9. Click Finish.

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