Configuring and Managing the WebLogic Messaging Bridge

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Interoperating with Different WebLogic Server Releases or Foreign Providers

The following sections provide interoperability guidelines for using the WebLogic Messaging Bridge to access JMS destinations on different releases of WebLogic Server or when accessing foreign providers:


Interoperating with Different WebLogic Server Releases

The following interoperability guidelines apply when using the messaging bridge to access JMS destinations on different releases of WebLogic Server and in other WebLogic Server domains.

Note: When the messaging bridge is used to communicate between two domains running different releases of WebLogic Server, Oracle recommends that the messaging bridge be configured to run on the domain using the latest release of WebLogic Server.

Naming Guidelines for WebLogic Servers and Domains

Unique naming rules apply to all WebLogic Server deployments if more than one domain is involved. Therefore, make sure that:

Configuring Interoperability for WebLogic Domains

Configuring interoperability between domains depends on the QOS:

Configuring Interoperability for Exactly-once QOS

Use the following guidelines to configure interoperability when a bridge running on a release 7.0 or higher domain must handle transactional messages (using the Exactly-once QOS) between two release 7.0 or later domains

Configuring At-least-once or At-most-once QOS

There are no special security configuration requirements for the bridge to interoperate between two releases of 7.0 or later domains. However, if you wish to provide more secure communication between domains, you can configure Cross Domain Security.

Note: Keep all the domains used by your process symmetric with respect to Cross Domain Security configuration—all domains use Cross Domain Security (or are on the appropriate exception lists) or none of the domains have Cross Domain Security configured. For more information, see:


Interoperating with Foreign Providers

When configuring a messaging bridge involves interoperability with a third-party messaging provider, you must configure the following:

Note: The messaging bridge cannot provide the “Exactly-once” quality of service when the source and target bridge destinations are located on the same resource manager (that is, when the bridge is forwarding a global transaction that is using the XA resource of the resource manager). For example, when using MQ Series, it is not possible to use the same Queue Manager for the source and target bridge destinations.

For more information on configuring the remaining attributes for a JMS Bridge Destination, see “Create JMS Bridge destinations” in Administration Console Online Help.

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