Getting Started With Installation

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Products Included in the Installation Program

Obtaining the Installation Program

Web Distribution

Net Installer

Package Installer

DVD Distribution

Selecting the WebLogic Server Components To Be Installed

WebLogic Server Product Components You May Select for Installation

Workshop for WebLogic Product Components You May Install

Example of Performing a Custom Installation

Step 1: Download the Net Installer

Step 2: Start the Installation Process

Step 3: Select an Installation Directory

Step 4: Specify Download Options

Step 5: Choose a Custom Installation

Step 6: Choose Products and Components

Step 7: JDK Selection

Step 8: Monitor Download Progress

Step 9: Choose Product Installation Directory

Step 10: Install Node Manager Windows Service

Step 11: Choose Shortcut Location

Step 12: View Installation Summary

Adding Product Components to an Existing Installation

Other Installation Features

Supported Configurations

Upgrading WebLogic Server

Installing Patches and Maintenance Updates

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