Package com.bea.httppubsub

Provides interfaces and classes for the WebLogic HTTP Publish-Subscribe server.


Interface Summary
AuthenticatedUser Representation interface for an authenticated user.
BayeuxMessage Bayeux messages are JSON encoded objects exchanged between pub/sub server and Bayeux client.
Channel Channel represents a pub/sub channel.
Client Representation interface of a client.
ClientManager ClientManager is responsible for creating Client and manage all Clients.
DeliveredMessageListener DeliveredMessageListener is introduced in order to support server-side subscription to pub/sub server's channels.
EventMessage Event message interface.
MessageFactory Factory interface for creating messages.
MessageFilter MessageFilter interface.
PubSubServer The PubSubServer class is the most important class of pub/sub server.
PubSubServerFactory Helper utilities for PubSubServer.

Class Summary
DeliveredMessageEvent This is the class representing event notifications for message sent to local client
FactoryFinder FactoryFinder search PubSub server's factories implementation based on the factory interface name.
LocalClient The main purpose of LocalClient class is for pubsub server side programming.

Enum Summary
BayeuxMessage.TYPE The message type indicates the type of message.
Channel.ChannelPattern This enum provides constants of the three channel patterns that are described in section 2.2.1 Channel Globbing of Bayeux Protocol -- Bayeux 1.0draft1 .
Client.ConnectionType The connection type specifies the type of transport the client requires for communication.

Exception Summary
PubSubSecurityException Defines a general security exception that pubsub server can throw when it authenticate or authorize client.
PubSubServerException PubSub server exception.

Package com.bea.httppubsub Description

Provides interfaces and classes for the WebLogic HTTP Publish-Subscribe server.

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