Provides interfaces for commonj Work and WorkManager.


Interface Summary
RemoteWorkItem If a Work instance is serializable and the WorkManager implementation supports Remoteable WorkManager then the Work can be sent to a remote member of the application cluster for execution.
Work This is implemented by applications when they want to run code blocks asynchronously.
WorkEvent This is sent to a WorkListener as the Work is processed by a WorkManager.
WorkItem This is returned once a Work is submitted to a WorkManager.
WorkListener This is a callback interface called to report on the dispatching of a Work.
WorkManager The WorkManager is the abstraction for dispatching and monitoring asynchronous work and is a factory for creating application short or long lived Works.

Exception Summary
WorkCompletedException This exception indicates that a Work started but completed with an exception.
WorkException This is the base class for all Work related exceptions.
WorkRejectedException This is thrown then the Work cannot be started.

Package Description

Provides interfaces for commonj Work and WorkManager.

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