WebLogic Messaging API Class Library

IMessageProducer.Send Method (IDestination, IMessage)

Sends a message to a destination for an unidentified message producer. Uses the IMessageProducer's delivery mode, priority, and time to live.

Typically, a message producer is assigned a destination at creation time; however, the JMS API also supports unidentified message producers, which require that the destination be supplied every time a message is sent.

void Send(
   IDestination destination,
   IMessage message


the destination to send this message to
the message to send


Exception TypeCondition
MessageExceptionif JMS fails to send the message due to some internal error.
MessageFormatExceptionif an invalid message is specified.
InvalidDestinationExceptionif a client uses this method with an invalid destination.
NotSupportedExceptionif a client uses this method with a IMessageProducer that specified a destination at creation time.

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