WebLogic Messaging API Class Library

IObjectMessage.Object Property

Gets or sets the serializable object containing this message's data. The default value is null. It is important to note that an IObjectMessage contains a snapshot of the object at the time SetObject() is called; subsequent modifications of the object will have no effect on the IObjectMessage body.

The object must either specifies a System.Serializable attribute or implement the System.Runtime.Serialization.ISerializable interface.

 Object {get; set;}


It is important to keep in mind that objects that were originally created and sent as the contents of an object message in the .NET environment may only be deserialized and converted back into an object in the .NET environment. Cross platform serialization/deserialization between Java and .NET will not work, and will result in an Exception when an attempt is made to retrieve the object.


Exception TypeCondition
MessageExceptionif JMS fails to get the object due to some internal error
MessageFormatExceptionif object serialization or deserialization fails, or if the Object was originally sent as a Java object
MessageNotWriteableExceptionif the message is in read-only mode.

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