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Packages that use ApplicationLifecycleEvent
weblogic.application This package contains public WebLogic Application classes / interfaces. 

Uses of ApplicationLifecycleEvent in weblogic.application

Methods in weblogic.application with parameters of type ApplicationLifecycleEvent
 void ApplicationLifecycleListener.postStart(ApplicationLifecycleEvent evt)
          Provides hooks for listener classes after the application finishes initialization.
 void ApplicationLifecycleListener.postStop(ApplicationLifecycleEvent evt)
          Provides hooks for listeners and shut-down classes after the application finishes its shutdown process.
 void ApplicationLifecycleListener.preStart(ApplicationLifecycleEvent evt)
          Provides hooks for listeners and start-up classes before the application finishes initialization.
 void ApplicationLifecycleListener.preStop(ApplicationLifecycleEvent evt)
          Provides hooks for listener classes when the application commmences its shutdown process.

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