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weblogic.common Common classes that provide access to WebLogic Server services, rarely used in J2EE-compliant applications. 

Uses of T3Client in weblogic.common

Methods in weblogic.common that return T3Client
 T3Client T3Client.connect()
          Connects the T3Client to a WebLogic Server.
 T3Client T3Client.disconnect()
          Disconnects a T3Client from the WebLogic Server.
 T3Client T3Client.setHardDisconnectTimeoutMins(int minutes)
          Sets the value for a T3Client's hard disconnect timeout in minutes.
 T3Client T3Client.setIdleDisconnectTimeoutMins(int minutes)
          Sets the value for a T3Client's idle disconnect timeout in minutes.
 T3Client T3Client.setSoftDisconnectTimeoutMins(int minutes)
          Sets the value for a T3Client's soft disconnect timeout in minutes.
 T3Client T3Client.setVerbose(boolean verbose)
          Sets the verbose setting for a T3Client.

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