Interface RemoteMBeanServer

All Superinterfaces:
MBeanServer, MBeanServerConnection, Remote


public interface RemoteMBeanServer
extends MBeanServer, Remote

Contains methods for instantiating, registering, and deleting MBeans from a remote JVM. WebLogic Server provides this interface to support standard JMX interaction with MBeans on server instances from remote JVMs.

WebLogic Server provides another interface for interacting with MBeans, MBeanHome, but MBeanHome is not a standard JMX interface. Any code that uses MBeanHome might not function in other J2EE application servers.

To look up this RemoteMBeanServer interface, use MBeanHome.


Field Summary
static String JNDI_NAME
          Deprecated. The JNDI name for this interface.
Method Summary
 MBeanHome getMBeanHome()
          Deprecated. Returns the local MBeanHome interface.
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addNotificationListener, addNotificationListener, createMBean, createMBean, createMBean, createMBean, deserialize, deserialize, deserialize, getAttribute, getAttributes, getClassLoader, getClassLoaderFor, getClassLoaderRepository, getDefaultDomain, getDomains, getMBeanCount, getMBeanInfo, getObjectInstance, instantiate, instantiate, instantiate, instantiate, invoke, isInstanceOf, isRegistered, queryMBeans, queryNames, registerMBean, removeNotificationListener, removeNotificationListener, removeNotificationListener, removeNotificationListener, setAttribute, setAttributes, unregisterMBean

Field Detail


static final String JNDI_NAME
The JNDI name for this interface.

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Method Detail


MBeanHome getMBeanHome()
                       throws RemoteException
Returns the local MBeanHome interface. You can use the MBeanHome interface to look up the Local Configuration MBeans and Runtime MBeans that are registered on the current server instance. You can also use MBeanHome to retrieve strongly typed stubs for the MBeans on the current server instance.

The MBeanHome interface

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