Contains classes that implement timer services on WebLogic Server.


Class Summary
Timer Timer: an implementation of the JMX interface that uses weblogic execute threads and honors user identity.

Package Description

Contains classes that implement timer services on WebLogic Server.

Use the timer services to emit notifications at specific dates and times or at a constant interval. To listen and respond to these timer notifications, you create a JMX notification listener and register it with a timer service.

The WebLogic timer services extend the standard JMX timer service, enabling timers to run within a WebLogic Server execute thread and within the security context of a WebLogic Server user account. (Execute threads enable you to fine-tune your application's use of server resources and optimize performance.)

WebLogic Server does not provide a centralized timer service that can be accessed by all resources that are deployed on a specific server instance. Instead, each application constructs and manages instances of the timer service as it requires. Each time you restart a server instance, each application must re-instantiate any timer service configurations it needs.

Package Specification

The classes in this package implement the Sun Microsystems, Inc. Java Management Extensions (JMX) 1.0 specification for

You can download the JMX 1.0 specification and API documentation from

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