Class SSLValidationConstants

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public final class SSLValidationConstants
extends Object

Defines context element names.

SSL performs some built-in validation before it calls one or more CertPathValidator objects to perform additional validation. A validator can reduce the amount of validation it must do by discovering what validation has already been done.

For example, the WebLogic CertPath Provider performs the same Certicom validation that SSL does, and there is no need to duplicate that validation when invoked by SSL. Therefore, SSL puts some information into the context it hands to the validators to indicate what validation has already occurred.

For more information, see the sections that describe certification paths in "Developing Security Providers for WebLogic Server" on

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Field Summary
          Indicates that SSL has pre-validated the certificate chain.
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Field Detail


public static final String CHAIN_PREVALIDATED_BY_SSL
Indicates that SSL has pre-validated the certificate chain.

It does not specify what validation has been done.

This constant defines the context element's name.

The element is a Boolean, which is set to true if SSL has pre-validated the certificate chain, false otherwise

Constructor Detail


public SSLValidationConstants()

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