Class CertPathValidatorParameters

  extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
Cloneable, CertPathParameters

public final class CertPathValidatorParameters
extends Object
implements CertPathParameters

The certification path validator parameters that a caller must use to access the WebLogic Server Certificate Lookup and Validation (CLV) Framework via the JDK's CertPathValidator API.

Pass an instance of CertPathValidatorParameters as the CertPathParameters object to the JDK's CertPathValidator.validate() method.

For more information, see the sections that describe certification paths in "Programming WebLogic Security" on

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Constructor Summary
CertPathValidatorParameters(String realmName, X509Certificate[] trustedCAs, ContextHandler context)
          Construct a CertPathValidatorParameters.
Method Summary
 Object clone()
          This class is not cloneable.
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Constructor Detail


public CertPathValidatorParameters(String realmName,
                                   X509Certificate[] trustedCAs,
                                   ContextHandler context)
Construct a CertPathValidatorParameters. You must provide realmName.

You can provide a list of trusted certificate authorities (CAs) for use when validating the certification path. If trustedCAs is null, the default set of trusted CAs configured for the server is used.

You can also provide a ContextHandler object containing extra parameters for use when validating the certification path. Setting context to null indicates that there are no context parameters.

realmName - The name of the security realm (for example, myrealm)
trustedCAs - Optional list of trusted certificate authorities
context - Optional additional certification-path validation parameters
IllegalArgumentException - if realmName is null or empty
Method Detail


public Object clone()
This class is not cloneable.

Specified by:
clone in interface CertPathParameters
clone in class Object
UnsupportedOperationException - when called.

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