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public interface SAMLAssertionStoreV2
extends SAMLAssertionStore

SAMLAssertionStoreV2 extends the SAMLAssertionStore interface, adding methods to support identification and authentication of the destination site requesting an assertion from the SAML ARS.

Classes implementing this interface must have a public no-arg constructor and must be in the system classpath.

Nested Class Summary
static class SAMLAssertionStoreV2.AssertionInfo
          The AssertionInfo class is returned by SAMLAssertionStoreV2.retrieveAssertionInfo().
Method Summary
 SAMLAssertionStoreV2.AssertionInfo retrieveAssertionInfo(String artifact)
          Retrieve the assertion info for a given artifact.
 boolean storeAssertionInfo(String artifact, String partnerId, long expire, Element assertion)
          Stores the given assertion for later retrieval using the specified artifact as a key.
Methods inherited from interface
flushStore, initStore, releaseStore, retrieveAssertion, storeAssertion

Method Detail


boolean storeAssertionInfo(String artifact,
                           String partnerId,
                           long expire,
                           Element assertion)
Stores the given assertion for later retrieval using the specified artifact as a key.

artifact - The SAML artifact to use as a key when storing/retrieving the assertion.
partnerId - The partnerId of the relying party (destination site) to which the artifact was sent.
expire - The NotOnOrAfter time of the assertion. The assertion may be discarded if not retrieved prior to this time.
assertion - The assertion to store, as a DOM Element.
True if the assertion was successfully stored, false otherwise.


SAMLAssertionStoreV2.AssertionInfo retrieveAssertionInfo(String artifact)
Retrieve the assertion info for a given artifact. If successful, an AssertionInfo object containing the info corresponding to the artifact is returned to the caller and is also removed from the store.

artifact - The SAML artifact corresponding to the desired assertion.
The requested AssertionInfo.

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