Interface SAMLIdentityAssertionAttributeMapper

public interface SAMLIdentityAssertionAttributeMapper

Interface used to perform mapping from SAML Attribute Statement to Attribute Principals.

To specify an instance of this interface to be used by the SAML Identity Asserter, set the NameMapperClassName attribute.

Classes implementing this interface must have a public no-arg constructor and must be in the system classpath.

Method Summary
 void mapAttributeInfo(Collection<SAMLAttributeStatementInfo> attrStmtInfos, ContextHandler contextHandler)
          map from collection of SAMLAttributeStatementInfo to collection of Principal.

Method Detail


void mapAttributeInfo(Collection<SAMLAttributeStatementInfo> attrStmtInfos,
                      ContextHandler contextHandler)
map from collection of SAMLAttributeStatementInfo to collection of Principal. The implementation of this interface is expected to add the collection of Principal to the context handler under name ContextElementDictionary.SAML_ATTRIBUTE_PRINCIPALS

attrStmtInfos - collection of SAMLAttributeStatementInfo which will be mapped
contextHandler - context handler into which the principals should be added

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