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public interface AuditAtnEvent
extends AuditEvent

The AuditAtnEvent interface is used to post authentication audit events. The WebLogic Security Framework implements this interface and may post audit events for the following security events:

An Authentication provider may also implement this interface and post additional types of authentication audit events.

An Auditing provider can use this interface to get additional information about the authentication audit event. The AuditSeverity and AtnEventType attributes can be used to determine which of the above audit events has been posted.

Nested Class Summary
static class AuditAtnEvent.AtnEventType
          Deprecated. The AtnEventType class describes the authentication event types that are supported.
Method Summary
 AuditAtnEvent.AtnEventType getAtnEventType()
          Deprecated. Gets the event type associated with this AuditAtnEvent.
 String getUsername()
          Deprecated. Gets the username associated with this AuditAtnEvent.
Methods inherited from interface
getEventType, getFailureException, getSeverity, toString

Method Detail


String getUsername()
Gets the username associated with this AuditAtnEvent.

the username that is attempting to be authenticated.


AuditAtnEvent.AtnEventType getAtnEventType()
Gets the event type associated with this AuditAtnEvent.

the authentication event type.

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