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weblogic.uddi.client.structures.request Provides classes for UDDI client requests. 

Uses of UpdateRequest in weblogic.uddi.client.structures.request

Subclasses of UpdateRequest in weblogic.uddi.client.structures.request
 class DeleteBinding
          The delete_binding message causes one or more bindingTemplate to be deleted.
 class DeleteBusiness
          The delete_business message is used to remove one or more businessEntity structures.
 class DeleteService
          The delete_service message is used to remove one or more businessService structures.
 class DeleteTModel
          The delete_tModel message is used to remove or retire one or more tModel structures.
 class DiscardAuthToken
          The discard_authToken message informs an operator site that an authntication token can be discarded.
 class GetRegisteredInfo
          The get_registeredInfo message is used to get the list of all business keys, service keys, and tModel keys that are controlled by the individual specified by the authentication token passed.
 class SaveBinding
          save_binding message is used to save or update binding template structures.
 class SaveBusiness
          SaveBusiness is used to register new or update BusinessEntity information.
 class SaveService
          SaveService is used to register or update information related to a BusinessService.
 class SaveTModel
          SaveTModel allows updating and registering of information about a tModel

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