Class DispositionReport

  extended by weblogic.uddi.client.structures.response.Response
      extended by weblogic.uddi.client.structures.response.ListResponse
          extended by weblogic.uddi.client.structures.response.DispositionReport

public class DispositionReport
extends ListResponse

The dispositionReport structure is a collection of result structures that hold imformation about the completion status of a uddi api function call. Often deleteXXXXX functions return back a disposition report with a success indicator. Disposition reports are also part of fault structures that are returned if any error occurrs. In this case they store the error details.

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class weblogic.uddi.client.structures.response.ListResponse
Fields inherited from class weblogic.uddi.client.structures.response.Response
generic, operator
Constructor Summary
          Class Constructor
Method Summary
 Vector getResultVector()
          Gets the set of results.
 void setResultVector(Vector value)
          Sets the set of results.
Methods inherited from class weblogic.uddi.client.structures.response.ListResponse
isTruncated, setTruncated
Methods inherited from class weblogic.uddi.client.structures.response.Response
getGeneric, getOperator, setGeneric, setOperator
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Constructor Detail


public DispositionReport()
Class Constructor

Method Detail


public Vector getResultVector()
Gets the set of results.

the current set of results.


public void setResultVector(Vector value)
Sets the set of results.

the - new set of results.

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