Provides useful WTC GWT Domain utilities.


Class Summary
DServiceInfo Provides information for a single WTC imported/exported service
DSessConnInfo Provides information on a single Tuxedo connection.
genpasswd This class is a utility function that takes a key, a password and the type of password and generates a line that can be used in the bdmconfig.xml configuration file.
TuxedoConnection These are the methods that clients call in order to get access to remote domains.
TuxedoConnectionFactory This is the factory of tuxedo connections which clients find in the JNDI tree.
WTCServiceStatus This is the WTC service status utility class which is used to determine the service status and service type.
XmlFmlCnv Performs XML to FML(32) or FML(32) to XML translations.
XmlViewCnv Performs XML to View(32) or View(32) to XML translations.

Package Description

Provides useful WTC GWT Domain utilities.

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